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Kris Aquino to seek medical treatment in Singapore

Kris Aquino will fly to Singapore tomorrow, Sept, 30, to seek medical treatment due to drastic weight loss following financial deception, according to a statement issued by her lawyers on Sept. 29.

Aquino, who recently appeared in the hit movie "Crazy Rich Asians, also thanked those who prayed for her recovery.

Her full post on Instagram: "To all who have prayed for us, sending messages of love, comfort, encouragement, loyalty, and unwavering support - i thank you w/ all my heart;

"This is a period of my life testing my fortitude. Betrayal in any form is heartbreaking, but the attempt of this man & his brother- who never met nor even conversed with me in any form- to alter FACTS by deceitfully & maliciously attacking my family’s honor & credibility, strengthened my resolve to use all legal means for TRUTH TO WIN;

"Fortun Narvasa and Divina Law will uphold my firm belief that JUSTICE is a right every law abiding Filipino should protect, defend, and figh…

Looming feud? Cher throws shade at Madonna

Don't expect any future collab between Cher and Madonna!

This after Cher revealed that she doesn't want to do a duet with Madonna, during an appearance on "Ellen" last Sept. 25.

During a segment for the popular talk show, Cher was asked to name her three dream duet partners.

"Adele, Pink, and not Madonna," says Cher as the crowed roared into laughter.

Ellen DeGeneres, host of the show, quipped: “Well, all right, Ms. Negative!”

Weekly US online says that the feud between Cher and Madonna started in 1991. In those days, Cher explained her issues with the Queen of Pop.

“She’s mean, and I don’t like that,” says Cher during an interview on "Entertainment Tonight."

Cher adds: "I remember having her over to my house a couple of times because Sean (Penn, Madonna’s former husband) and I were friends, and she just was so rude to everybody.”

“It seems to me that she’s got so much that she doesn’t have to act the way that she acts, like a spoiled brat a…

Candid Shot: Michele Gumabao

Athlete-turned-beauty queen Bb. Pilipinas Globe 2018 Michele Gumabao describes herself as a fun person who loves to interact with others.

"I'm a fun girl! I love people. I love interacting with others. I love myself and what I have been through. I will always be that happy girl who is very loud because I love talking to everyone," says Gumabao during an exclusive interview at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City recently.

Gumabao is the country's representative to the Miss Globe beauty contest which will be held in Albania on Oct. 30. Help her win the international beauty pageant! Here's how:

Get to know more about Gumabao as Pop News Philippines sat with her few days before she leaves for the competition. - ROBERT REQUINTINA

1) If you could turn back the time, where would you be and why?

"I would be on the beach! I want to get a tan. I want to relax. Life has been very hectic so I can turn back time, I'd be sitting on a beach, getting …

PH beauty wins Miss Asia Pacific evening gown competition

The Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 pre-pageant activities wrapped up as Miss Philippines Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel won the Best In Evening Gown Competition during a special show held at Alta D' Tagaytay Hotel in Tagaytay City on Friday, Sept. 28.

First-runner-up honors in the same competition went to Miss Brazil, Gabriela Palma; and Miss Uruguay, Natalia Gurgel, 2nd runner-up.

Other winners of special awards were: University of Perpetual Help Systems Ambassadors -  India - Abhilasha Agrawal; Japan - Momoe Yada; Philippines - Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel; El Salvador - Olga Maria Flores Ortiz; and Myanmar - Yee Yee San; Philippines - Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel, Miss ISkin; and Myanmar - Yee Yee San, Miss Zanea.

From left: Miss Brazil, Miss Philippines, Miss Uruguay and reigning Miss Asia Pacific Francielly Ouriques.

Miss Congeniality: Australia - Sapir Turkenitz
Miss Photogenic: Kazakhstan - Didar Atmaja
Fifty girls are competing at the 50th Miss Asia Pacifi…

14 big artists who have not performed in Manila

They are some of the biggest names in music! And they have already sold millions of records in their career, attracted legions of fans and have sang in many parts of the world.

But for some strange reasons, these best-selling artists have skipped the Philippines as their venue for their sell-out concerts.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that they would still consider Manila for their future world tour.

As of Sept. 27, 2018, here are some of the popular foreign artists that many Filipinos have included in their bucket list of concert performers. Music fans are still hopeful of their gigs in Manila.


Kris Aquino reveals 'financial abuse' of business partner

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino has admitted that the "financial abuse" she suffered from her business partner has taken a toll on her physical and emotional well being.

On Instagram, Aquino says that she is taking a rest from social media because she does not look presentable to the viewers these days. She did not identify her business partner.

Her full statement:

"I have told you the recently discovered truth regarding the financial abuse, careless disregard for my existing endorsement contracts, and the total lack of respect for me as a business partner (not KCAP which is a sole proprietorship company- but our movie snacking outlets- 14 branches of Nacho Bimby + Potato Corner; and the just launched Thai beauty brand Snail White). This has taken a tremendous toll on my physical and emotional well being;

"Concerned relatives and friends have told me that it is good that I learned to what extent I have been taken advantage of early enough-after 16 months before mor…

World Travel Expo 2018 set at SMX Center on October 26-28

Wanderers unite!

Fly around the world at World Travel Expo 2018 at the SMX Convention Center on October 26-28.

On the third year of the expo, expect affordable and amazing deals, says JC Baron, spokesman for  World Travel Expo 2018, during an interview at One Esplanade in Pasay City.

"There will be sweet tour packages and treats you cannot resist. Also, there will be lots of tour package promos and deals for your next travel destination," says Baron.

World Travel Expo aims to be the marketing platform for the travel industry. The event will serve as a channel between the international and national tour operators, airline companies, and travel authorities.

Baron says that the event will showcase at least 275 booths in over 5,200 square meter of space and will consist of forums, workshops and activities related to travel and tourism which can provide useful and helpful information for both the exhibitors and visitors.

Show activities will also include product launching & …

Misters of Filipinas pageant goes on sentimental journey

The Misters of Filipinas 2018 pageant is set to embark on a sentimental journey as it reunites all the past and present winners of the popular male pageant on Wednesday, October 3.

"If plans do not miscarry, we will have the reunion of all the winners of the pageant since 2013. It will all depend on their availability," says Richard Montoya, Prime Event Productions Philippines, Inc. Foundation Director for Legal, in a chat with pageant media.

This means that the likes of Gil Wagas, Jamiel Ventosa, Wilfredo Placencia Jr., Reniel Villareal, Joseph Doruelo are set to bring the house down during the finals of Misters of Filipinas 2018 contest at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan City.

"Even those who transferred to the other camp have been given invites to attend the reunion," says Montoya.

Also expected to appear are the international titleholders from Misters of Filipinas - Mister International Neil Perez, Man of the Year Karan Singhdole, and Mister Universe …

Brazilian beauty tops MAPI swimsuit competition

Miss Brazil Gabriela Palma topped the swimsuit competition of the Miss Asia Pacific International (MAPI) 2018 pre-pageant held in Vigan, Ilocos Sur Sunday.

Palma was also proclaimed Miss Safari Hotel and Villas special award.

Miss Philippines Sharifa Akeel finished first runner-up in the MAPI pre-pageant competition.

Miss Uruguay Natalia Gurgel was 2nd runner-up.

Fifty girls from around the world are competing in the 50th edition of the contest. The grand finals will be held on October 4.

    Miss Philippines, 1st runner up (swimsuit)

                                                Miss Uruguay, 2nd runner-up (swimsuit)

Top 10 Most Handsome Cops in the Philippines

These men in uniform are here to protect and serve.

But they are so handsome they have earned the moniker “gwapulis”.

Here you can see the Top 10 Most Good-looking Policemen all over the Philippines.

It’s time for you to decide who is the handsomest and most desirable in this list. Enjoy!

 TOP 10 PO1 Jonyzer Basa

                                                          TOP 9 PO1 Jefferson Payumo

      TOP 8 Senior Police Inspector John Louise Pacres

                                         TOP 7 Senior Police Inspector Cris Ian Taghap

           TOP 6 PO1 Richard Pangilinan
                                                              TOP 5 PO1 Lucky Galang
                                                            TOP 4 PO1 Willy Quinto
                                            TOP 3 Police Inspector Christopher Dulagan

                                                    TOP 2 PO2 Don McGyver Cochico
TOP 1  PO2 Neil Perez