Craig Lines, BAFTA winner, boosts Experience Magazine

Award-winning British director Craig Lines is slowly but surely making his presence felt in the Philippines.

Lines is a three-time BAFTA for television and Royal Television Society awardee who has 22 years of experience in all kinds of filmmaking, mainly directing award winning prime-time British television drama series and writing, producing and directing many medium length and short films, which have had theatrical releases.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for television is the equivalent of the prestigious Emmy Awards for television in the US.

"I have also worked on dozens of commercials, corporate programs and documentaries. Additionally I have had a lot of experience in mentoring and teaching students of all ages and abilities about Directing and Film / Television Production," said Lines during an interview with the film director at Palm Grill in Quezon City recently.

"My specialty is directing drama and films of all genres and budgets and I have had a significant amount of experience in developing and directing television series both here in the UK and abroad," he added.

Love brought Lines to the Philippines where is now settled with a Filipino wife. They have been staying in the country since December.

Lines said that he is excited to collaborate with Experience Magazine which focuses on travels, food a destinations.

Specifically, Lines said that he will promote local and foreign destinations via the digital edition of the popular travel magazine.

"It's a pleasure to be working with Experience Travel and Living Magazine. Ana (Manansala), the magazine's publisher, is an amazing partner for this project. The team is ready to go around the Philippines and elsewhere to shoot for the magazine," Lines said.

Lines also said that he is open to work with the country's top studios for future films in the future.

"Why not? I am open to it. It would be a pleasure to work with the major studios here for films," he added.

"I have recently finished developing a series of children’s programs in the Philippines, where I have been living since last December," Lines also said.

From left: Ana Manansala, publisher, Experience Travel and Living Magazine; Michelle Nunez, Marketing Head, Luxent Hotel; and Director Craig Lines.

Recently, Lines said that he worked in Spain for 12 months directing a highly successful series called "Is Harry on the Boat?"

"And, again, for 12 months, I was brought in to develop and direct a major pan European TV series based in Romania, as well as instructing the production team in making this kind of drama," Lines said.

Lines also believed that there are no restrictions to creativity.

"I don’t agree that there are limitations of creativity due to unforgiving schedules and moderate budgets and I always keep my work stylish, creative and high quality despite any constraints," he said.

"I know that I am successful in this because I still work regularly on a freelance basis on many different programmes / films – and also because producers ask me back," Lines added.

Aside from BAFTA Awards, Lines said that he has received many more, including Royal Television Society Awards, and most recently a Best Feature Film Award at the LA Diversity Film Festival.

With journalists Jay Patao of Malaya Business Insights, Celso Caparas, the Philippine Star; and Eton Concepcion,  Manila Standard, during press interview with Lines at Palm Grill Restaurant in Timog, Quezon City recently.

Lines also said that he has full of creative ideas and meticulous which he said are necessary in making films.

"I write and edit scripts as well as Direct them, so I am very experienced in the creative realization of any project, finding the drama within, and telling the story, also, I may be an experienced filmmaker but I am always keen, excited and full of creative ideas," he added.

"I am very much a team player and my script and camera planning and preparation is meticulous. I have lots of experience of up-to-the-minute CGI and green screen techniques and equipment as well as loads of editing and sound design, and I am very hands on in all departments from conception to screen, including script ideas, script writing, budgeting, crewing, production management, casting, working with actors (big and small names) directing camera, sound, lighting and design, editing, music composition, grading, ADR, dubbing," Lines added. - ROBERT R. REQUINTINA

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