Sharon Cuneta hints at new leading man for 'Star' project

Move over Gabby Concepcion!

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has a new leading man in her new film project for Star Cinema.

This after the much-hyped reunion movie of Cuneta and her former husband did not materialize.

Cuneta said that she can't wait for her new movie under Star Cinema to start.

She hinted at her new leading man for the upcoming film.

"Watch me slowly 'shrink,' people! I am more excited than ever about my new Star Cinema movie. Can't wait. #pleaseStarFamilyMakeNaTheNewStoryAgad! Hahaha!" Cuneta said on Facebook.

"Sorry cannot announce pa who my partner is. But man oh man -- PARTNER kung partner! SO HAPPY! Absolutely no comparison to before (*I just realised this line might be misinterpreted," she said.

"I only meant that I cannot compare how much happier I am now over working with this leading man only because we have always had a beautiful, respectful and even affectionate working relationship and a happy, happy set!)," Cuneta added.

"Sana naman matuloy na at kakalyohin na thumbs ko kakaupdate tapos wala naman pala! Hahaha," she said.

Prior to the Star project, Cuneta will star in the Cinemalaya movie "Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha" which will be directed by Mes De Guzman.

"Filming of 'Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha' to be directed by Mes De Guzman for #Cinemalaya2017 begins before the end of the month!" said Cuneta on FB.

Cuneta also shared on FB three paintings of her daughter Miel.

Fans of the megastar congratulated Miel for the paintings.

"Ang galing nya!Keep it up Miel. Congrats po Idol Mega,bukod sa magaganda ang mga babies mo matatalino at mga talented pa,mana po sa parents nila. I luv you forever," a follower  on FB said.

"Did she go to an art school or this is pure talent? Nevertheless, Miel is gifted! This piece of art is so emotional to look at. Good job Miel!" another comment read. - ROBERT REQUINTINA

* Images from Facebook of Sharon Cuneta.

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