Anne Curtis-Smith flips bottle vs climate change

Kapamilya star Anne Curtis-Smith took the challenge to flip a bottle as she helps raise awareness on climate change.

"I am flipping a bottle for climate change because if we don't raise awareness and ACT now the future generation will be the ones to face the consequences of climate change," said Curtis on Instagram.

"It WILL take a toll on the quality and quantity of water. And as we all know, water is such an essential part of our lives. Let's not take it for granted. If we don’t act NOW, 1 in 4 children will be facing a water crisis! So sweethearts, join us by posting your own bottle flip video! Don't forget to use the hashtags #FlipClimateChange," said the "It's Showtime" host.

Curtis also reminded the people to recycle those plastic bottles after all the bottle flipping.

UNICEF said that the new campaign aims is to show the many children around the world who are affected by climate change, and who want to see action.

A new report from UNICEF called "Thirsting for a Future" shows that in the coming years the demand for water is set to increase as food production grows, populations move, industries develop, and consumption increases.

"By 2040, around 600 million children will live in areas of extremely high water stress," it stated.

At the same time, as water stress increases, climate change threatens to destroy or disrupt water and sanitation services, the same report said.

"In times of drought or flood, in areas where the sea level has risen or ice and snow has unseasonably melted, children’s lives are at risk, as the quantity and quality of the water they drink is under threat," it added. - ROBERT REQUINTINA/TEMPO

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