Andi Eigenmann loves to marry latest BF

Actress Andi Eigenmann has said that she wanted to marry her boyfriend Emilio Arambulo in the future.

"I would love to marry him someday. But we're still taking things by the day," said Eigenmann, during an interview on "Tonight With Boy Abunda" on ABS-CBN.

"Coming from everything I've gone through in my life, he embraced me for who I am and embrace that everything from the past that was part of me;"

"And he didn't let my mistakes define me. He introduced me to a whole different side of normal - a tender, peaceful, loving, strong normal," said Eigenmann.

The actress also said that she was hopeful she also brought out the best in him.

Asked what her boyfriend does for a living, Eigenmann said: "He runs his family's restaurant and he surfs. Well, now I do, too and I love it. It's been my life, it changed my life." 

Eigenmann, 26, also said that she cried when her daughter Ellie graduated from pre-school.

"Last week was her graduation. Yung iyak ko akala mo naging doctor na sya pero pre-school lang naman. But I was so proud;"

"It was an achievement. Definitely a milestone. I keep teasing her that everybody has been congratulating her and I don't even think that she was sure of as to why;"

"Nagte- thank you naman sya. Sabi ko we're proud of you because you are moving up to a new level and you're going to big schools. Your gonna be in kindergarten and it's going to be a whole different experience for you now," said the actress.

Eigenmann said that she is hoping she and Jake Ejercito could talk about their five--year-old daughter.

"I don't want to ask in behalf of him because that's how I get into trouble. For myself masasabi ko na parang tinanggap ko na that we have gone our separate ways and we have grown apart"

"And I can say that he's not a bad person. I'm not going to speak ill of him because we've all had our mistakes, both of us have hurt each other in our own ways. And its just that we both or I made the decision to just move on;"

"I'm really hoping for the day that we can actually talk about those things pero so far, it's like her elder sister would call me and message me whenever they want to borrow Ellie and I'm always OK with that because he's family," said Eigenmann.

The Kapamilya star said that she does not live anymore with her mom actress Jaclyn Jose. "We don't live together anymore. It's been a year or more. I've been living by myself." - Robert Requintina/TEMPO

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