Sharon Cuneta pays last respects to OPM composer Willy Cruz

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has said that she plans to do a tribute album for the iconic OPM composer Willy Cruz who passed away last April 17.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook, Cuneta said: "I am in very deep mourning over the death of my friend, Willy Cruz. I did not expect to be this affected by his passing, but I am. I feel like a part of me has died. I have been hiding under the covers in my bed almost everyday since he left. I have been so useless. My tears seem to be coming out of an endless stream of water from a faucet that refuses to be turned off no matter what I do."

"I mean no offense to the other songwriters and composers who hold their own special places in my heart and are just as irreplaceable as Willy is -- but I truly feel it was Willy who LOVED ME THE MOST...asked if I was okay most often...treated me not just as his friend but his 'baby,' no matter how far between our get-togethers were;"

"Every highlight of my life, not just my career, has been marked by one of Willy's songs, all written especially for me except for one: On Gabby's and my wedding day, I sang "I'll Never Say Goodbye;"

"When I and all of Viva Films and my family, friends and fans were all nervous and praying that my first film without a 'ka-loveteam,' "Bukas, Luluhod ang mga Tala" would make it in the box-office, and I am forever grateful to God that it did or I wouldn't even be here typing this now, its theme song was "Pangarap na Bituin;" she said.
"And of course, there is "BITUING WALANG NINGNING." I was pregnant with KC, and it was my first full-length movie with my long-time crush and one of the actors and co-workers I most respect and admire, Christopher De Leon;"

"Then, my own personal 'anthem,' and that of thousands of Sharonians everywhere, which we then didn't know would be so: "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas." No explanation needed," Cuneta also said.

"One thing that bothers me now no end is the fact that Willy himself arranged and played the piano for every song on my tribute album for Rey Valera, "Sharon Sings Valera;"

"Now, what do I do for my Willy? Of course I can -- and feel in my heart that I should do a tribute album for him," said Cuneta.

"THANK YOU, my dearest Willy...No more more more more of anything you hated...Just peace now, and rest, and joy and love in Jesus' loving arms," she said. - ROBERT REQUINTINA

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